Offering premium solutions to service high-end, professional UAV customers.

UAV solutions

Modular UAV solutions with wide application possibilities

Launch solutions

Mobile, secure solutions for launching UAV

Safety solutions

Minimizing risk and collateral damage


High-end technology for high-end products and solutions.


Professional-grade composite structure with optimized layup is the core of ElevonX lightweight, yet robust UAV.


Combination of CFD&CAD design combined with extensive field-testing gives you a top-performing UAV with wide flight envelope for various tasks.


ElevonX airframes are 100% made in CNC machined moulds.


The combination of high-end materials, a precise manufacturing process and an integrated parachute safety system make the ElevonX UAS a safe solution for UAV operations in various conditions.

The team

About us

Our mission
To develop the most versatile UAS on the marketplace - a solution that will give our customers a leading edge in performing different missions with the same platform. 

High-end, customer tailored UAS solutions made by a professional team, driven by PERFECTION.

The team
ElevonX is a multidisciplinary team of experts that combined various expertise and their passion for flying to develop high-end UAS. Our solutions are developed with performance and safety in mind during all stages of operation. 

We believe in the combination of extensive research, thorough design and continuous field-testing that pushes our solutions well beyond operational parameters, so that our customers can use our products with confidence.

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Recent achievements

ElevonX at the Commercial UAV Show in London
ElevonX presented the modular UAV concept on one of the biggest European UAV fairs in cooperation with
November 2017

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2017 February

ElevonX Guardian is a family of parachutes developed both for UAV recovery and as a UAV safety parachute that can be deployed in extreme flight conditions

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2017 February

The ElevonX Scorpion elastic launcher was engineered from the bottom up with safety, durability and ease of use in mind.

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